Detective Conan Movie 18: Dimensional Sniper [Hubuki-SRS]

| Oct 9, 2014
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What....? Shinran... Hubuki....
Dimensional sniper?

True, Hubuki did announce it a couple of weeks ago, but here's our official blog post about it.
we preferred to wait up until we finished everything.
We don't put honorifics, but Hubuki does.
so rejoice people, you can choose to turn on what ever version you prefer
There will also be a better version once the bluray comes out.

TL: Seru, Hubuki
TLC: Hubuki
Editing: Jennifer (Navy girl), Melody, Alina, Nhi, Kass
Timing: Akai Shuichi, Denki
K-effects: Jeny
K-timing: Denki
QC: Seru, Alina
Typesetting & encoding: Pikanet 128


Detective Conan Movie 18: Dimensional Sniper [Hubuki-SRS]

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Detective Conan 743 v2: Two Overlapped Incidents

| Jul 18, 2014
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Detective Conan 743 v2: Two Overlapped Incidents

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Congrats to Germany

| Jul 13, 2014
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We were rooting for them here in ShinRan subs.
They happen to have a large Detective Conan community there in Germany too, so it all ends well.

Congrats to Germany

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Crunchyroll & future works

| Sep 4, 2013
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How do I start...

I joined Curnchyroll translation team around a month ago.
It was shortly after we released episode 750.
Despite working for them now, I still continued to work on the Dimensional Sniper... And we managed to get it out after the joint with our friends in Hubuki subs.

I have been a fansubber for years now, but my international releases were just for Shinran... 
It's been blast working on Conan and delivering episodes to the fans.
But it's time for me to step it up and help Crunchy establish the official anime source.
They work hard to expand to all regions of the world, and they deserve credit and appreciation.

I hope nobody gets the wrong idea of me turning my back on fansubs,
Despite a lot of which were working for the wrong reasons, anime would not have been as nearly as popular without them.

Having said that, I didn't expect to announce this with the happy news today of Crunchy picking up Conan.
I still like Funi more, but fans would be most happy with either.
There's still chance some of our guys would pick up after me and continue using CR scripts,
I won't have a problem with it,
and fans now get to have official translation without fansubbers egoism involved.

I want to thank all the staff who joined me just to deliver free episodes for fans.
My role here is over.
Thank you all

Crunchyroll & future works

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