Crunchyroll & future works

| Sep 4, 2013

How do I start...

I joined Curnchyroll translation team around a month ago.
It was shortly after we released episode 750.
Despite working for them now, I still continued to work on the Dimensional Sniper... And we managed to get it out after the joint with our friends in Hubuki subs.

I have been a fansubber for years now, but my international releases were just for Shinran... 
It's been blast working on Conan and delivering episodes to the fans.
But it's time for me to step it up and help Crunchy establish the official anime source.
They work hard to expand to all regions of the world, and they deserve credit and appreciation.

I hope nobody gets the wrong idea of me turning my back on fansubs,
Despite a lot of which were working for the wrong reasons, anime would not have been as nearly as popular without them.

Having said that, I didn't expect to announce this with the happy news today of Crunchy picking up Conan.
I still like Funi more, but fans would be most happy with either.
There's still chance some of our guys would pick up after me and continue using CR scripts,
I won't have a problem with it,
and fans now get to have official translation without fansubbers egoism involved.

I want to thank all the staff who joined me just to deliver free episodes for fans.
My role here is over.
Thank you all


  1. Good luck and thank you for everything i wish you the best :D

  2. will shinran continue to release conan episodes or not?

    & SERU good luck, i wish u all the best aswell

  3. Wow, these are great "sad" news xD It's sad to lose you on shinran but, it's great to hear that Curnchyroll will be releasing Detective Conan. Good luck on your new job, you'll become a rich man now!! (ok, maybe not :P)

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    2. Its not like a bad thing to put your translating skills to make some cash , but for now hardcore anime fans like me would not even care for CR even if they would pay me to watch it . They focus too much on the speed than the feeling , the subs are too mechanical without any traces of the characters attitude and emotions in the dialugues .

  4. Your happiness matters so even if it's disheartening to see you leave, we'll support you. Thank you for all your hard work.

  5. They would deserve the credit if their translations would be as accurate as fantranslations , but they are not , instead translating they are making up what the characters are saying . CR should work more on the accuracy of translations instead of the release speed . I dont need to watch an anime 8 hours after japanese release , i can wait for them if they get out with proper and accurate translations .

  6. thank you. may the force be with you always!

  7. So, does this mean only Seru is leaving SRS or does it mean SRS will no longer be subbing Detective Conan?

  8. Detective conan already out at HS. But I wonder why they're starting from 754? Anyone know about this? thanks

  9. You can watch this on crunchyroll for free ok usa and canada only, but you can use a vpn (hola or wifishield or us unblocker) that is better, because you can suport DC that way.

  10. HS is subbing the series from episode 754. So, only episode 752 (canon) has yet to subbed. If possible at least sub that episode.

    1. They are not subbing it , they do not sub anything they just rip from CR with their streaming quality , even speedsub groups are better cause they use higher quality raws from japanese tv .
      BTW Officialy DC died . CR killed Conan , episode 754 is the worst translation in history of CR and in history of Conan where i saw a lot of bad and unacurate subs , but CR made it pro with this . The translation is bad , worse than google translate , sounds mechanical , and has no feeling in it . The person who translated it did a rough overall translation without knowing the characters background story . This is the first time in my entire life of watching anime that i really wish i could turn back time to unwatch this horrible horror . Only hope is in speedsub groups , but only with very very heavy editing to make it at least acceptable to watch for true DC fans . Other than that only choice is to stick with M-L .

  11. Appreciating the love everyone.
    You can tend to your favorite stream site if you can't access "case closed" on Crunchy.

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